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mobile home holidays in Croatia

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On some of these fantastic parks: Park Umag, Bi Village, Lanterna Camp and Bijela Uvala.

Croatia, often regarded as the “Mediterranean of ancient times” has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Its rocky and pebbly coasts gently rise up to beautiful, scented pinewoods which are caressed by soft breezes. The Islands of Croatia are like paradise and offer varying landscapes from the dry and sunny expanses of coastline to lush vegetation set around, mountains, lakes, vineyards and olive groves. Croatia has had a turbulent history, conquered by many different peoples over the centuries, and this has created a complicated, fascinating and unique cultural identity. Across the country, the Slavic soul is visible at every feast and festival and dancers in colourful national dress are common place whenever the traditional songs with their familiar rhythms are heard.

Mobile Home Holidays Croatia offer holidays from the north to the south of the coast of Istria. You’ll find Park Umag Campsite situated in Umag, a pretty little town with a historical centre and many local attractions. Heading further south you will arrive in Porec where Lanternacamp Campsite and Bijela Uvala Campsite are situated to take advantage of the mild weather and beautiful coves! Finally you arrive at Bi Village Campsite, the “jewel in the crown” of tourist Istria, that has recently been awarded the best campsite of the region by the Croatian Tourism Ministry.

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Bi Village Park Umag Lanterna Camp Bijela Uvala